Trash It!





Trash the dress.


The most amazing way to show how much you want to be with your partner.


Your not going to be wearing your dress again, have a real photo shoot to get the most out of your dress,


Water, dirt, mud,


Awesome locations, amazing backdrops,


loving shots, funny shots, have the look in your photos you could never have on your wedding day,


And the groom comes too!!

Trash the suit,

why should you not have fun together, your making the commitment, have the pictures to prove it.


Last Updated 14-11-10

Copyright 2008




We offer a full day out,

to include a meal and drinks,

all inclusive in the package.


We pick you up, take you to various locations throughout the day,

Dependant on time of year, sunset and moonlight shots could also be in your package.


We even include our wedding cars into your day.

Possibly the only company that can offer this service.


Book for your day, or add it to your original photography package.