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Our brand new Pucker Powder machine has finally arrived! We are one of only a handful to have this brilliant sherbet machine in the country. To the best of our knowledge this is currently the only one available to hire in Nottinghamshire.

The Pucker Powder machine is a new innovative product and has been hugely popular over in the USA and Australia. Standing at 6.5feet high and 2ft wide, the machine will bring bundles of fun to your party or event. We reckon the adults will have just as much fun too!
There are 16 different flavours available. We'll bring 12 along to your event. You will get a selection of various sized tubes. Each child has their own tube and has a go filling up the tube with different sherbet flavours. Who can make the best rainbow effect?

The sherbet is delicious and comes in the following flavours...



Don't worry about the sugar content of this sherbet, it does not contain anywhere near as much as you may think. A 6” tube contains only 9.7 grams of sugar and carbs. When you compare this to standard size sweet bar and other sweet products this is typically 1/3 the amount of sugar and when comparing to many sports enhancement drinks it is typically 1/6 the amount of sugar.

Contact us for a price if you want to hire this machine or package it up with the other products. We think this product goes great with the pick n mix stand or candy cart.



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We have a £5m public liability insurance policy and all of our equiptment is PAT tested.
A copy can be provided for your venue if needed, you venue can & will refuse the use of untested equiptment & unisured operators.

We only use trained staff
We hold Food Hygiene Level 2 Certs

Trust us when we tell you that the adults will love this machine just as much as the kids!




This product was most recently featured on ITV's this morning with Phil and Hollie, and we think they liked it!

Wow your guests with this unique sherbet machine, supplied with up to 12 different flavours and 3 different size tubes 12, 18 and 34" its perfect for any event, personal or business.


This is our own machine as with all our sevices, so you can be sure of the best quality and be assured you will not be let down or dissapointed.

Why is Pucker Powder great for my event?

A delicate mix of 12 different natural flavors and sugar content – Less sugar than an average Children’s chocolate bar!
Can be supplied with 3 different size art tubes
Already established in Worldwide companies including Legoland, Drayton Manor, SeaWorld Orlando and Dillon’s Candy Outlets
Will be supplied with a Pucker Powder operator and can be supplied as a package with our pick and mix sweets,,candy floss machines and popcorn carts

Trust us when we tell you that the adults will love these machinesjust as much as the kids!