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On this page we intend to give you a rough idea as to some of the balloon decorations you can have, along with our prices, and a comparison price from some of our competitors, this will give you an idea of just how much you can save yourself with our one stop shop concept. Competitors prices in brackets.


Table/floor Bouquets


11 Latex balloon bouquets available in

plain, pearlised or patterned latex

balloons with co-ordinating ribbon and


3 balloon bouquet 3.99 (5.50)(6.00)

5 balloon bouquet 5.99 (8.00)(7.75)

7 balloon bouquet 7.99 (10.50)(10.00)

10 balloon bouquet 9.99 (12.50)



Ceiling Fills

Helium filled balloons to cover the

ceiling with long ribbon hanging down

to create a real party feel. Also a good idea to keep little hands from running round with your table decorations.


100 balloons 65.00 (80.00)

150 balloons 95.00 (110.00)

200 balloons 125.00 (137.50)


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Where balloons are concerned, the sky "litterally (if we let them slip) " is the limit, your imagination is the only boundaries of what we can make for you, don't be afraid to ask, we have a passion for what we do and will push the boundaries to give you the wow factor.


With us keeping our prices down, we do operate a minimum spend policy on balloon decorating, "unless" your requirements form part of a larger order with our other services, please ask for details of minimum spend if you only require balloons.





Cloud Nines

Table or floor standing balloons topped

with double bubbles are complete with

co-ordinating Tulle or ribbon and

weight. Linked Cloud nines are joined

with Tulle or ribbon.


Single 15.50 (18.50)

3 Cloud arch 45.00 (55.50)(67.50)

4 Cloud arch 60.00 (83.00)

5 Cloud arch 75.00 (92.50)(100.00)





Columns are 6ft tall and stand alone or

linked with a pearl arch or topped with a

3ft balloon. When linked with an arch, a frame is used to keep the arches from bending in towards each other.


(27.50) each


(50.00) the pair

3ft topper (9.50)

* Refundable deposit for frame- 30.00