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This is Vera May. She is a 1935 Rolls Royce 20/25, bodywork by ManEgerton of Ipswich.

Built on a full chassis with an ash framed aluminium body.

Powered by the 25 horse power Rolls Royce engine engine.


The introduction of a smaller Rolls-Royce - the 20hp - in 1922 enabled the company to cater for the increasingly important owner-driver market that appreciated the quality of Rolls-Royce engineering but did not need a car as large as a 40/50hp Ghost or Phantom. The ‘Twenty’ proved eminently suited to town use, yet could cope admirably with Continental touring when called upon. Its 20/25hp successor, introduced in 1929, up-dated the concept with significant improvements, featuring an enlarged (from 3,127 to 3,669cc) and more powerful cross-flow version of the Twenty’s six-cylinder, overhead-valve engine. The latter’s increased power allowed the bespoke coachbuilders greater freedom in their efforts to satisfy a discerning clientele that demanded ever larger and more opulent designs.

Vera May was originally made in Derby at the Rollls Royce factory, to be sent to ipswich for bodyworks by MannEgerton, where she then spent the majority of her life being owned by the famous grain merchants R W Paul,

based at Goldruth House, Belstead Road,

although she was not originally in the colours she now wears, but saying that, her Bugatti colours are so striking you can not help but look at her, and see what a beautiful vehicle she is.



Currently she resides in Nottingham, and has made herself available to bring the most amazing wedding vehicle onto the market for some very lucky clients.


With her spacious sandstone interior, she can easily accomodate any style of wedding dress with ease,

and along with her charming fold down seats, can easily accomodate an extra person or two if you really want to share the experience.

Remembering to check with us first for your requirements, as with all our vehicles we will not overload.



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1935 Rolls Royce 20/25

Presented in Bugatti two tone blue

Dark blue over light

Sandstone Interior




This Rolls-Royce 20/25hp wears formal limousine coachwork by the Norwich-based firm of Mann Egerton. Founded in 1905, Mann Egerton became Rolls-Royce agents in 1909 and bodied their first car on the latter’s chassis that same year. The two companies’ association would be long and fruitful: of the 20 Motor Shows held between 1919 and 1939, a Rolls-Royce featured on Mann Egerton’s stand at every one. This car was first owned by one R H Paul, of Ipswich, passing to his chauffeur, Sidney Hardesty, upon Mr Paul’s death in the 1970s.





We are very excited to be able to offer Vera-May

for our clients big day, and she will be available on a first come first served basis as we expect demand to be high when she hits the road for the first time and people see her,



This will be her first year joining couples on their big day, so you know it will be something very special on the day, in your photos, and in your memories.



As she builds her portfolio up, we will of course update her photo album so you can apreiciate what a stunning vehicle she is






Vera-May can be hired from as little as £350.00.


This is within a 10 mile distance of NG11

Multiple trips, or greater distance can be quoted upon request.


If hired with a second car discounts apply.

This is the only Rolls Royce of this type and colour operating in the midlands


To enquire about availability, or to request a booking form please e-mail