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Where Magical Moments; 

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Digital correction to your wishes if required.

Most of us have some little blemishes we may not be happy with, why have them on your photos? woken up with the dreaded teenage spot? Or have that old tattoo you really don't want showing? Let us take them out for you, no problem.




        Before and After







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Digital Correction

         Removing your worries


All enhanced photos are done to your specifications, we will not alter any photos unless specifically asked All before and after shots are made available, or before shots can be deleted from your order, with a full back up service stored on our servers if ever you are in need of your pictures.


Not only can we take our minor blemishes, more intense repairs are available, from hair thickening, tattoo removal, dental work, from whitening to teeth rebuilding. You will be surprised at what can be done, all you have to do is ask. We work to your wishes.